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Sal Mallimo

Sal Mallimo immigrated to America from Calabria, Italy, with his six siblings and their mother in 1958 to reunite with their father, after a two-year separation. Sal was the first in his family to graduate High School and moved on to graduate college from The School of Visual Arts, Film School in NYC.

While in college, he produced two award-winning animation films and was able to find employment in the film animation industry immediately. After ten years as a Production Manager for JC Productions in NYC, Sal opened his own animation film studio, Mimondo Productions, Ltd. In NYC.

After a 35-year Animation Film Career, he was forced to close down Mimondo Productions Ltd. Faced with new economic pressures, and further burdened by his wife’s passing from cancer, and commitments to his two children, Sal sought to maintain composure by creating A Walk in Time, for the purpose of understanding new computer programs, that participated in crumbling a film industry he had grown up to love. This version of A Walk in Time, About Love and Death, is a leaner revised version of an earlier publication.